Geodetic Organization "Gaus"

Geodetic organization "Gaus" is a team of professionals who are constantly working on continuous improvement of service quality. Whether it is about surveying buildings and lines, making geodetic surveys, geodetic reports, forming construction parcels, making cadastral-topographic and site plans, our goal is to perform each geodetic task in accordance with applicable standards at a highly professional level.

With modern geodetic equipment and specialized geodetic software applications, we make quality bases for the needs of design and recording of the performed condition in the field of construction, urbanism, architecture, mechanical engineering.

We have all the necessary licenses from the competent authorities, the Republic Geodetic Authority and the Serbian Chamber of Engineers, and we certainly offer our services.
We represent a key link in the process of legalization and registration of buildings, the formation of building parcels, detection and recording of underground installations and all other activities that require geodetic services.

You can get all the information in our offices in the following cities: Belgrade, Valjevo, Smederevo and Lebane. The surveyor in each of the offices will respond to your requests and needs.