Underground installations detection

Underground installations detection and recording

As practice has shown, many underground installations have been installed in the past, without prior geodetic survey and registration in the line cadastre. For that reason, it is not a rare case that telephone cables, electrical installations, etc. are damaged and destroyed during construction. Therefore, in order to avoid accidents during the building construction, it is necessary to mark and trace the position of the future line in detail.

It is necessary to perform geodetic measurements for each installation , on the basis of which the Geodetic report of underground installations is made, which is submitted to the competent Line Cadastre Service. On that occasion, the line cadastre has the duty to issue a certificate on the recorded line.

When it comes to the detection of underground installations, in accordance with the terrain conditions, there are various methods that are applied, such as the geophysical method of detection and the electromagnetic method of detection of underground lines. Based on these methods, by detecting the signals that result from measurements at certain locations, accurate results are obtained on the positions of underground installations. We offer detection recording services:

  • heat pipe
  • gas pipeline
  • power lines
  • water supply
  • sewers
  • telecommunications